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inter:archive is an ongoing and experimental research project in the form of a digital platform dedicated to explore and interact with the multiple narrations from intersectional, queer, decolonial feminist perspectives.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic hitting the globe in winter/spring 2020, the physical manifestation of inter:archive was constrained to suspension. As part of
’s official programme* the project was intended to take place as a temporary and «particip-active» source on the theme of intersectionality at the OnCurating Project Space from 4 April to 3 May 2020. For the opening event, inter:archive was planned to be activated by the live performances of artist
alongside with artist Amos Cappuccio, artist
Tina Reden
and artist
, as well as with the workshop ‘
’ by artist Paloma Ayala and curator Adriana Dominguez. In collaboration with stage designer Elisabeth Fritsch, the ZHdK Bibliotek and media centre, Frauenstreikhaus, and VOLUMES, inter:archive aimed to challenge the standard library constellation and categorisation by displaying and assembling a miscellany of intersectional feminism sources in an interactive and participative way.

Against all odds, inter:archive is not stopping and has transitioned to the digital sphere. The online version is an experimental space developed in a time of social paralysis in order to maintain the initial elements of research induced in the project while at the same time exploring an alternative format. It is not about exhaustivity but about a collective opportunity to share fragments of references and works, in which the topics of gender, race, sexuality, class, ethnicity and disability intersect. In an endeavour of emancipation, awareness and care, the pieces take a stand towards the multiple injustices, differences and discriminations still overtly present in our contemporary society.

Since its launch in April 2020, inter:archive will navigate through the different facets of intersectionality by sharing content ranging from texts, images, quotes, poems, zines to soundpieces, mixtapes, videos and more. In line with the initial gesture of the spatial design, the digital version of inter:archive will present the materials non-linearly, creating an assemblage for visitors to (re)arrange in their own sensibility.

In addition, new contributions by Zurich-based artists will embody and interact with the collected material, including the zürich moves’s artists invited for inter:archive,
Tina Reden
, and
, as well as an online adaptation of the
s workshop by Paloma Ayala and Adriana Dominguez. These contributions will be shared every week throughout the month as a form of activation of the archive and a means of exploration and reinvention amidst this exceptional moment of crisis.

This platform is collaborative and invites everyone to submit or suggest a text or any other material that is meaningful in this context. We will happily add and make it accessible on the desktop. Feel free to write to us the specific content by ︎ email.

* Initiated in 2012 by Marc Streit, zürich moves! is a week-long festival presenting contemporary artistic practices in the field of performing arts developed in the context of transnational and transgender artistic engagement. Before the pandemic, the 2020 edition of zürich moves! planned to focus on the Zurich art scene, inviting artists and performers whose practices were informed by feminism and more specifically intersectionality.


inter:archive was developed by curators Giovanna Bragaglia, Miwa Negoro and Camille Regli, as part of zurich moves! in 2020 with support by Fluxum Foundation.  It collaborates with the VOLUMES archive, a non-profit organisation in Zurich that supports the local and international DIY-facet of art publishing, and took part in the 2020’s LEARN supported by School of Commons (SoC), a community-based initiative dedicated to studying and developing decentered knowledge, located at the Zurich University of the Arts.