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Mistress in Switzerland, 2017
by Alina Kopytsa


“Mistress in Switzerland” is an artist book derived from Alina Kopytsa’s series of embroidery work Service.  The artist creates embroidered comics on textiles to collage the experience of sex workers whom she interviewed in cities in Europe inculding Zurich, Berlin and Kiev. Previously owned bedsheets and underwear by the protagonists are used as materials of the work.

Alina Kopytsa (*1983, Ukraine) received her diploma in graphic arts from the National Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (2000-2006). Since 2016 she studies fine arts at Zurich University of the Arts. Gender relations, sexual behavior and fetishism are subjects of the textiles, sculptures and performances of Kopytsa. Her provocative work addresses social taboos, unveiling the possibility of a passionate sexual drive free from gender-political relations and social expectation.

background image: Installation view, Mystetskyj Arsenal, Kyiv 2017 ©Alina Kopytsa

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