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ONCURATING.org is an independent international journal (both web and in print) focusing on questions around curatorial practices and theory. As its derivative project, inter:archive shares relevant texts on intersectional perspectives from the journal’s back issues.

Issue 42 / August 2019

WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT AIDS COULD FILL A MUSEUM: Curatorial ethics and the ongoing epidemic in the 21st Century

This issue focuses on HIV, culture and curation, edited by scholar and organizer Theodore (ted) Kerr. The print and online issue features over 40 contributions—including essays, conversations, visual projects, reprints, and personal reflections—from artists, activists, academics, and writers from around the world, exploring AIDS-related culture in the 21st century, through four themes: forgetting, seeing, collecting, and making, all of which reflect on both the historical turn in contemporary AIDS cultural production, and the ongoing need to keep an eye on the present. (ed. Theodore (ted) Kerr)

we recommend:

“Graphic Ephemera Lasting Impact: Building an Online UK HIV/AIDS Design Archive - Artist Project”
by Siân Cook

“Intersectionality, HIV Justice, and the Future of Our Movement”
by Cecilia Chung, Olivia Ford, Deon Haywood, Naina Khanna, Suraj Madoori, Charles Stephens

Issue 40 / September 2018

We Would Prefer Not To

This issue of OnCurating takes political resistance and sanctuary as its subject, with Herman Melville’s nineteenth-century literary avatar Bartleby—famous for his refrain “I would prefer not to”—as its tutelary spirit. Forms of civil disobedience and tricksterism are coterminous agents in artistic and curatorial practices, both historical and contemporary. How to subvert and subvene, how to recast structural mechanisms of suppression and oppression, how to avoid, deny, magnify, spatially disjoint, and refute (earnestly, comically)? By what means can we, as cultural producers, refuse, while fostering a discourse of reparation? (eds. Steven Henry Madoff, Brian Kuan Wood)

we reccomend:

“On Being Present Where You Wish to Disappear”
by Nana Adusei-Poku

Issue 37 / June 2017

Queer Curating

Queer Theory understands gender and sexuality as relational constructs, subject to significant historical and cultural variation. Refusing to stabilize these variations into any singular norm, queer curating thus presents a challenge to the museum as a normalizing, meaning-making entity and asks how these concerns can be addressed in museum-practices, that have, for the most part, silently and unknowingly reproduced and solidified contemporary heteronormative structures and desires. How have queer issues, queer curators, and queer exhibitions at one and the same time both shaken the foundations of traditional curatorial practice, and found their potential for intervention papered over or silenced? How can queer desires continue to force the museum to evolve? What does queer change in the museum look like? This issue is an attempt to foster a dialogue about queer curating in a transnational frame. (eds. Jonathan Katz, Isabel Hufschmidt, and Änne Söll)

Issue 34 / December 2017

De-Colonizing Art Institutions: Artists’ Book

For the Oncurating Issue 34, we asked artists, theorists, and researches to send us their proposals for a decolonized art practice, or how to deal with institutions in that regard. The 34 invited artists were given a carte blanche to contribute to the topic of decolonising art institutions. The aim: to provide a platform for a multiplicity of voices from the arts. These voices would propose an image of a decolonised art practice, all the while raising questions with regard to how one can engage with pre-existing institutions in a congruent manner. The material was then displayed as printouts by us and the audience of the exhibition in the Oncurating Project Space. You can download the material and assemble it in your preferred way: a book, an exhibition, or something else. The curatorial role liberated, it stands open and available to any reader of the issue, mutable between various local contexts. (eds. Ronald Kolb, Dorothee Richter)

we reccomend:
“Matrizes de Resistência”
by Ana Hupe

“Decolonisation and the Scopic Regime”
by Nkule Mabaso

“Quando o rio nasce”
by Maíra Vaz Valente

“T R A $ H O R C I $ M”
by Lucie Tuma

“Let’s get radical”
by Sally Schonfeldt