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During the process of her project «is this the beginning of it all, again?»  choreographer and performer Simone Truong commissioned three writers to question the piece in form of a text. «where does this end?» is the third and (maybe) final step of a three years project where the artist finally returns back to language which was the starting point of the project.

where does this end?  by Simone Truong
Text: Adina Secretan, Lucie Tuma, Frank Wenzel
Drawing: Simone Truong
Graphic: Rahel Aronld
Print: Druckerei zu Altenburg, 2014 

One of the text contributors of this publication Lucie Tuma is a participating artist of the 9th edition of Zürich moves!

JLP 2043 from Lucie Tuma on Vimeo

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